Date: 9th –13th April, 2018



AutoCAD covers the essential core topics for working with the AutoCAD software. The teaching strategy is to start with a few basic tools that enable the student to create and edit a simple drawing, and then continue to develop those tools. More advanced tools are also introduced throughout the training guide. Not every command or option is covered, because the intent is to show the most essential tools and concepts, such as understanding the AutoCAD workspace and user interface, using basic drawing, editing, and viewing tools, organizing drawing objects on layers, inserting reusable symbols (blocks), preparing a layout to be plotted and adding text, hatching and dimensions. The course begins with creation of wireframe models, and evolves into complex creation of solid models in later units. You will also learn how to view, rotate and shade your 3D models along with plotting them.


  • Introduction to AutoCAD 3D
  • Working in 3D
  • Wireframes and Surface Modelling
  • Creating Primitive Solid Models
  • Creating Models from 2D Profiles
  • Creating Composite Solids
  • Adding Detail to Your Solid Models
  • Editing Solid Models
  • Extracting Geometry from Solid Models
  • Modifying the Model Position
  • Duplicating the Model
  • Converting Objects
  • Viewing Models
  • Plotting your Models
  • Using Visual Styles


Architects, Civil Engineers, Graphic Designers, Building Information Managers, Contractors, Electrical Controls & System Designers, Product Manufacturers/ Inventors, Interior Designers, Game Developers, Fashion Designers, Cartoonists and Animators, Town Planners, Surveyors, Programmers, Artists.