Fees & Tuition


Fees charged vary from one training program to another. If you have any queries about the fees charged for any of our trainings please feel free to contact us via any of the emails or phone numbers on our contact page.

We offer flexible payment terms to participants who take part in any training that ranges between 3-6 months. After making an initial 50% payment of course fees charged, the rest of the amount will be spread over the duration of the course. Participants must however ensure they make full payment before a training programme ends.

Corporate entities that nominate 5 or more participants to attend any of our trainings will be given a 5% discount per nominee.

Participants on short duration training programmes (3, 5, 8 or 10 days) are required to make full payment before training commences.

All payments must be made by either banker’s draft or company cheque payable to Ghana Technology University College. Please note that we do not under any circumstances accept personal cheques. Participants who have cash can also pay directly into the Center’s account. Details of the account can be acquired by contacting us on any of our email addresses, phone numbers or coming to our office in person.