DURATION: 9 weeks (Saturdays)

This course has been carefully designed to provide the participants with specialized skills and expertise required to prevent, detect and investigate commercial crimes, and to ensure that effective corrective measures are implemented.  It also provides specific skills set that integrates accounting, auditing and investigative skills to identify the warning signals or indicators of fraud, corruption and embezzlements.


At the end of this course, participants will be able:

  •      To integrate accounting, auditing and investigative skills in the performance of their tasks
  •      To demonstrate the skill sets required to identify, detect and investigating fraud risks
  •      To gain the expertise to conduct investigations and ensure recovery of lost resources
  •      To identify fraud schemes and fictitious financial transactions as well as fraudulent reporting
  •      To compare and contrast various fraud schemes to devise the appropriate internal control strategy
  •      To apply evidence-gathering techniques used to detect all forms of fraud& embezzlement
  •      To develop strategic & workable internal controls that will limit or prevent these fraud schemes
  •      To analyze data to identify high-risk transactions for further review and investigations
  •      To evaluate financial and project risks for potential fraud and misappropriation


This course is designed for Accountants, Auditors, Finance Managers, Chief Executives, Project Supervisors and other individuals responsible for eliminating waste, embezzlement, fraud and other abuse in spending