Digital marketing and Cyber security


Digital Marketing

Technology is now widely being used by marketing professionals, to develop the abilities required to plan and implement digital marketing strategies and to integrate these with traditional marketing strategies.

Cyber Security Management

An organization may be under attack by sophisticated criminals and/or nation-states, who are focused on robbing the organization’s data and intellectual property with advanced malware and attack techniques that are purpose-built to breach defenses, networks, and devices.

This training is designed to equip participants with the skill to use the web as a sales and promotion channel, access online consumer behavior and measure and evaluate issues that need to be addressed within digital marketing programs. It also covers the most important technical concepts of security—such as encryption, intrusion detection, penetration testing, access control, digital forensics/investigation, risk management, security governance and network security/computer security


Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will:

  • Be able to investigate the possibilities and value of digital marketing in relation to strategic marketing planning processes;
  • Be able to justify and critically evaluate the key concepts, issues, parameters and concerns when using e-technologies like the Internet as a marketing tool;
  • Be able to plan, implement and evaluate digital marketing strategies;
  • Be able to integrate digital marketing strategies with more traditional marketing strategies; and
  • Be able to critically review digital marketing concepts in a broader social context.
  • Manage digital security risks strategies.


Small business owners, online business owners, retail shops, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, religious groups, marketing professionals